Fairyland MiniFees Rheia and Miyu BJD

A brief biography

My name is Anna Valeria and I am ball jointed doll admirer and enthusiast. I have been in the hobby since 2003 and have been loving every minute of it. My collection currently includes 50 dolls of various sizes; check out the Collection section to read more about them. On this page, you can find answers to common questions about the hobby, as well as a list of external resources. If you have any questions that are not addressed in the below FAQ, or would simply like to chat, drop me a line at – I love making new friends! I can also be contacted through Den of Angels, where I spend a good portion of my hobby time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ball jointed doll and where can I learn more about them?

A ball jointed doll is any doll that is constructed with ball and socket joints, often held together by an elastic cord. This type of construction provides extensive articulation and flexibility, allowing the doll to be posed in multitude of realistic (and unrealistic!) ways. Most commonly these dolls are cast in polyurethane resin; however, some artists/companies use alternate materials, such as porcelain, ABS plastic, vinyl and other types of resin. All articles and pictures on this site are focused on resin-cast dolls. To learn more about ball jointed dolls, see the Resources section below for a variety of links to help you with your research!

Which company would you recommend for a first doll?

This is a very subjective question! Aside from the obvious considerations of budget and aesthetics, my best advice is to go with a company that has solid reputation and customer service. Be honest about your expectations and try to find a company that can best meet them. This process does take some research, but I promise you that you will be glad you put in the time!
I am reluctant to make specific recommendations, as things change (companies switch owners, bring on new managers, update policies and materials, etc.) and what may be reasonable to me, may be unacceptable to you. But, to get you started in your research, as of this writing, the companies that I have consistently had good experience with are Dear Mine, BlueFairy, Volks, Luts and Soom.

I like an item your doll is wearing. Can you tell me where you found it?

Of course! If I remember, that is! Feel free to drop me a line via email or a PM on DoA.

Can I use your photos and/or blog articles for my blog, project, site, etc.?

Please contact me to discuss specifics. Without explicit permission from me, none of my content may be used under any circumstances.

Are your dolls for sale?

My dolls are not for sale unless I list them as such. As any BJD hobbyist will attest to, dolls don’t always meet our expectations for whatever reason and have to be sold. Any dolls and/or doll parts that I currently have for sale will be listed on the Den of Angels Marketplace and here on the “For Sale!” page.

Do you give out Den of Angels invites?

You no longer need an invite to join Den of Angels. Please make sure to read DoA’s rules before joining!

General Information

Ball-jointed doll – Wikipedia

A brief overview of history and current state of ball jointed dolls.

Super Dollfie – Wikipedia

Overview Volks’ Super Dollfie, the ball jointed doll that spearheaded the ABJD hobby.

Where Angels Lie – A Super Dollfie Database

A catalogue and database of Volks Super Dollfies.

MiniFée F.A.Q.

Informational resource about Fairyland’s popular MiniFee line of dolls.

BJD Collectasy

BJD News magazine in English.

Doll Forums

Den of Angels

The largest English BJD forum in the world.


Main hub for the Russian BJD community.

BJD in Ukraine

Main hub for Ukrainian BJD community.

Dairyland BJD

Midwest USA BJD forum.

Accessory/Clothing Companies

Alice’s Collections

Large shopping mall, featuring dolls from select companies, clothing, shoes, eyes and other accessories; based in China.

Atelier Momoni

Outfits and shoes for dolls of various sizes; based in Spain.


Clothing and accessories for BJD of various sizes; based in Thailand.

Enchanted Doll Eyes

Urethane eye maker; based in Korea.

For My Doll

Wigs, eyes and accessories retailer; based in Korea.

Mystic Eyes

International dealer for Mystic Eyes, a urethane eye maker.

The Horned Moon, With One Bright Star

Custom doll jewelry, handcrafted using sterling silver and gemstones


BJD clothing and accessory shop; also includes a small selection of furniture; based in Korea.

Safrin Doll Eyes

Doll eyes retailer, featuring many brands, sizes and colors.

Wig Shop at Facets

Monique wig dealer; based in USA.

Doll Companies

This list is not meant to be exhaustive, it is simply a selection of companies that I admire, have had good experience with and/or plan to purchase from in the future. If you’d like to explore more companies, Den of Angels’ Dollmaker Wiki page is a good resource.