Soom Rosette-Fairyland Chicline Hybrids

BJD Soom Rosette-Fairyland Chicline Fir hybrid

Despite being in the hobby for over 10 years, hybrids very rarely tempted me. I was mostly satisfied with my dolls’ construction and proportions as the sculptor had envisioned them. However, that all changed when I learned more about Fairyland Chiclines! I absolutely adored the body – size, articulation, aesthetics, and curvy body lines all..

Darak Doll Remy Review

Darak Doll Remy Review

Late last year, when Nine9Style had a limited preorder for the new Korean company Darak Doll’s first two offerings – 42cm Remy and Semy – I jumped at the chance to bring Remy home. Even though I tend to not purchase a doll until I see owner pictures, I was too smitten with the body’s..