Darak Doll Remy Review

Late last year, when Nine9Style had a limited preorder for the new Korean company Darak Doll’s first two offerings – 42cm Remy and Semy – I jumped at the chance to bring Remy home. Even though I tend to not purchase a doll until I see owner pictures, I was too smitten with the body’s aesthetics and Remy’s sweet expression to pass on the chance to add her to my crew!

Doll Specifics

Remy is 42cm high, on A-type (basic) body and has small bust. The resin is smooth and appears to be of good quality, though only time will tell how it will age and hold up to handling. She arrived strung incredibly tightly, which is a benefit for some poses, but a hindrance to others (this is also the reason why her knee chipped during shipping). Overall, I am happy with her and would consider bringing another Darak doll home in the future, though I will wait for owner pictures first.

Box Opening

The outer box is gorgeous – good quality, sturdy and functional; definitely one of the best BJD presentations I’ve seen!

Darak Doll box
Darak Doll box

Included with the doll were:

Items included with Darak Remy
Inside the box
  • certificate of authenticity
  • white gloves
  • dreaming head (event gift)
  • high heeled feet
  • extra string
  • S-hooks
  • glass eyes
  • putty
  • silicone wig cap
  • a strap for the box, which allows it to convert into a carrying case – pretty nifty!

Unfortunately, she had a rather large chip on her knee, which definitely put a damper on the box opening experience. Thankfully, a month later, Nine9Style shipped out a brand new leg part and Remy was whole again. Upon inspection, I also noticed that she had dirt smudges in multiple places. While these did come off with magic eraser, it was disappointing that they were there in the first place, especially considering that “body finishing” was offered as part of the event.

Large chip on Remy's knee
Chip on Remy’s knee

Company pictures of the Remy sculpt were not entirely accurate. I was rather shocked to find out that she has very prominent teeth. I am hoping that with the right face-up, they will not stand out quite so much. The default company face-up (option A) does not bring out the best features of the sculpt.

Darak Remy without eyes
Remy sans eyes

The dreaming head, also part of the event, is a touch smaller than the open-eyed head. Both head caps are magnetic and attach to the body via the included O-ring.

Darak Remy's dreaming head
Remy’s dreaming head

Posing and Body Details


The body is very stable when standing. Of course, like any other doll, I wouldn’t leave her in this position, but she’s safe for picture taking.

Darak Remy standing on box
Remy’s standing like a rock

Sitting, Slouching and Leaning

Crossing her legs…. or, trying to! This is as close as she will come to crossing her legs without seriously overextending her joints. The combination of wide hips and thinner thighs prevent this.

Darak Remy sitting on box
Remy trying hard to cross her legs!

Sitting on Legs. She does this very well. The position is stable and it is how I’m currently displaying her. The feet look awkward in this picture because I didn’t realize that the ankle joints can actually move until later – they are extremely stiff! There’s a visible gap in the knee joint when looking from the front, but it’s not too unsightly.

Remy sitting on legs - side view Remy sitting on legs - front view
Remy sitting on legs, front and side views

She is a stable sitter. However, as you can see from some of the photos above, the torso naturally leans slightly back. The bust joint allows for a slight slouch, and is easily overextended to lean her forward a bit more.

Darak Remy slouching Remy slouching with overextended joint
Remy slouching

To compensate for less than stellar slouching abilities, she leans back very well and is stable in this position.

Remy leaning back
Remy loves leaning back!

Lounging and Range of Motion

She’s a good lounger, but tips a bit to one side due to her little belly, which is quite cute! The head has a decent range of motion (she can move fine from side to side), but it’s not great – she doesn’t look up or down as far as I’d like her to. I plan to suede her and change the O-ring to an S-hook to see if it helps.

Darak Remy lounging
Remy looks mighty comfortable lounging!

Her arms are double-jointed and have a great range of motion. She can touch the top of her head and her face (chin, cheek, nose) very easily. The view of the elbow joint from the side is very aesthetically pleasing.

Elbow joint from the side Darak Remy touching face
Remy very easily touches her face

She can keep the arms stable at almost any angle. Here, her hands are touching.

Darak Remy's hands touching
The elbow and shoulder joints in action

I’m the least happy with her hands. The sculpting is fine as far as detail goes – she has dainty little fingers with nails. But, since there’s no ball joint, they have extremely limited range of movement. They move from side to side a little bit, but not up or down. They are very similar to Souldoll’s new NL body hands when it comes to joint construction and movement. Also, the resin on the hands is very shiny, while the body is quite matte. The shininess coupled with the way they sit on the arm gives the illusion that she’s wearing gloves. Fortunately, spraying them with MSC helped with the shine issue.

Darak Remy's hands
The hands

The feet are as detailed as any standard BJD feet, though I’m not too thrilled with the ankle joint – it’s extremely stiff. In fact, at first, I didn’t think that the feet rotate at the ankles (much like some Iplehouse ankles). After further manipulating the joints, however, I realized that they actually do move, but it does require quite a bit of effort.

Darak Remy's feet
The feet

Current Status

As of this writing, Remy is away at the spa, getting a new face-up. When I took her apart, I noticed that some of the joint sockets are scratched due to tight stringing. Fortunately, I caught it early enough that the integrity of the resin has not been compromised. Currently, I am in the process of blushing and sueding her. I will post an update once she is back together. Hopefully, sueding and loosening the strings will improve how the body poses!

  1. Hi,
    I got my Remy…but they sent the ‘tan’ or natural when I wanted a white so that took a while. I’d love to see pics of others; I’m not quite sure how I’m going to ‘personalize’ her. I was on DOA but forgot my password as I don’t go on much. I’ve tried 3 times to get them to send my my password or let me set a new one….nothing.

  2. I finally got her. But it wasn’t until I looked (again) at your photos that I think they sent me the ‘natural’ skin color when I had ordered the white….I don’t know if I can post pictures here….

  3. Was the delivery on her timely? I ordered her (the site says 30-45 days) on January 22nd and thought I would check the order status on their site and it showed nothing. So, I e-mailed them with an inquiry, supplying the order and in short, ‘doll can not be located-will check’.

    I would like to see pictures of her with her new face up!

    1. Oh, wow, I hope they find her soon! I’d love to see pictures when you receive her 🙂

      My Remy took about 2 months to deliver, but I bought her from Nine9Style, because Darak did not have a website at the time.

      I’m definitely going to post some pictures of her with the new face-up; probably within the next couple of days in a new blog post. I’ll add a link in this article as well, so you can find it easier!

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