Soom BJD CutiePie Posing Review

Soom bjd CutiePie anthros are a relatively recent addition to the company’s extensive doll lineup. Because Soom dolls vary greatly in their abilities to pose, I decided to see how CutiePie Teddy measures up! CutiePie Teddy arrived disassembled as part of Soom’s Christmas Kit. I strung her myself using 1.5mm elastic string purchased from CoolCat’s..

DearMine BJD – Anatomy of a Full-Set

DearMine bjd DearLover Angela Spring 2014

Earlier this year, I wrote a review about DearMine BJD company, where, among other things, I mentioned my appreciation of their full-set offerings. Since then, I’ve been asked for more details about DearMine bjd full-sets: What exactly is included? Do all the components fit well? Are they a good value? These are valid questions because,..

Fairyland BJDs – Tan Resin Review

Fairyland BJD Mirwen in tan resin

Last summer, Fairyland made a lot of BJD hobbyists extremely happy by releasing the tan resin option for their MiniFee doll line. Although I have had problems with Fairyland’s quality and customer service in the past (more on that in a future post), I admit that I find it very difficult to say “no” to..

Darak Doll Remy Review

Darak Doll Remy Review

Late last year, when Nine9Style had a limited preorder for the new Korean company Darak Doll’s first two offerings – 42cm Remy and Semy – I jumped at the chance to bring Remy home. Even though I tend to not purchase a doll until I see owner pictures, I was too smitten with the body’s..