10 Useful & Cheap BJD Supplies

Ball jointed dolls can be quite pricey, but maintaining them does not have to be! Below are my favorite commonly available and cheap BJD supplies. All of them can be found at the local supermarket or drugstore, and some you may already have at home. 1. Magic Eraser (melamine foam) “Magic” is the right word..

How To Set Dye In Fabric & Wigs

Although I love darker wigs and clothing for my dolls, I hate the stains that most of them leave behind. Wig stains are especially annoying, as they cannot easily be removed without damaging the face-up. Thankfully, there is a simple and time tested method of setting color with vinegar. It is safe to use on..

Using Acetone on Resin

Note: Read the Caution statement on acetone and acetone-related products carefully before use. Acetone is highly flammable and should be kept and used away from any heat source. Use in a well-ventilated area and do not inhale the fumes. Consult the caution label on the product you will be using for details. Precautions Never soak..

7 Ways to Save on Ball Jointed Dolls!

As much as I love the bjd hobby, it does have one big drawback – it’s expensive! When I first learned about ball jointed dolls in 2002, I had quite a sticker shock; so much so that it took me almost two years to take the plunge and order a doll. Thankfully, it’s no longer..