DearMine – BJD Company Review

DearMine, a Korean ball jointed doll company, first appeared on the bjd scene in 2010 with its tiny cat anthros Debon/Siamy and Korat/Dorothy. Since then, the company has expanded its offerings to include other types of anthros, as well as human dolls, in a wide range of sizes.

DearMine BJD cat anthro Nabi
DearPet Nekomata Nabi

Currently, DearMine offers four distinct lines of bjds:

  • DearClassic – 19.5cm tall, newcomer to DearMine bjd lineup, includes a uniquely proportioned cat anthro
  • DearPet – 20 cm tall, currently includes anthros of various types (cats, foxes, reindeer and manticore)
  • DearLover – 40 cm tall, includes both anthros and humans
  • DearShine – 55cm tall, includes anthros and humans, but only females at this time

DearMine features different types of release categories within the above lines, including Basic, Seasonal, Special and Precious. Basic releases allow for the purchase of a nude, blank doll. The other three categories all offer full-set dolls, with the Precious category being the most limited, elaborate, and, consequently, most costly. If you are curious to see what is included in a typical DearMine bjd full-set, check out my review of DearMine Spring 2014 Angela in rose resin.


DearMine’s resin quality is one of the best in the industry. I feel very confident making this statement as I currently own dolls from 14 different bjd companies, which makes for easy comparing.

DearMine bjd cat anthro Dorothy
This girl is 3 years old – the resin is still very white
  • heftiness – the resin is nice and thick – there are no thin areas that I was able to spot on any of my nine DearMine dolls
  • smoothness – the feel of the resin is a bit toothy, but some dolls are smoother than others; I imagine this is due to post-production finishing on each individual doll
  • finish – the resin is matte and very even in appearance
  • sturdiness – all of my dolls have held up very well, no chips, pits, cracks or other structural damage
  • aging – the resin ages very gracefully, without drastic color shifts. My oldest DearMine bjd, who is almost 3 years old and was cast in pure white resin, is only very slightly creamier than the most recent addition. In fact, when I tried taking a photo to illustrate this, I was unable to capture the difference

Full-Sets – Clothing, Accessories and Face-ups

There are many reasons to love DearMine full-sets, including impeccable craftsmanship, attention to detail and perfect accessories. I’m so enamoured with them that I always choose to go for a full-set release of a sculpt I like, even if it means waiting for a long time (I’m looking at you, Siamy!).


DearMine has some of the best quality company face-ups in the industry. In fact, I have not seen the same level of detail and quality of execution from other bjd companies whose dolls I own, which is why almost all of them have custom face-ups.

As can be seen from the pictures in this post, the face-ups are most certainly done by very skilled artists. My favorite aspects of DearMine’s face-ups are the unique color pallets and bolder hues. It’s nice to see a company take stylistic risks and offer something other than the generic neutral colors.

DearMine bjd cat anthro Angela
Face-ups are beautiful and detailed

A note about pearl powder – DearMine uses it liberally, but very tastefully, especially on the full-set face-ups. The dolls do not look like glitter balls, but the powder is plentiful and visible. Personally, I love it!


With their whimsical designs and expert construction, the quality of DearMine’s full-set outfits is outstanding . The fit is always spot on – nothing is ever too small or too big, which is not always the case with other bjd companies. The materials used for all nine of my full-sets were high quality and appropriately scaled for the doll. So far, everything has held up very well to normal use – even the delicate lace stockings are intact after numerous outfit changes.

DearMine bjd Valse des fleurs Rachel
Valse des Fleurs Rachel’s outfit


Another great aspect of DearMine full-sets are the accessories! They are always selected to complement the design and style of the full-set. These small final touches complete the overall look.

DearMine bjd pink resin shoes
Pink resin shoes – part of My Sweetdays Angela’s full-set

Customer Service

Much like everything else about DearMine, their customer service is top-notch. All seven of my orders were handled with care and professionalism. Replies to my inquiries were always timely and helpful, though it did sometimes take up to a week to hear back (I am guessing this is due to only one person staffing the English Q&A). Shipping times were pretty standard with an average of 2.5 months for my orders.

Certainly, the best indicator of good customer service is what happens when something goes wrong. Out of all my orders, two had issues that required DearMine’s attention. One order got misdelivered and sent back to Korea due to a postal error. DearMine was on top of the problem and sent the package back via EMS at no cost to me the very same day it was received at their office. They communicated quickly throughout the whole ordeal reassuring me that all will be well. Other than taking the scenic route, the doll arrived safe and sound! The other issue was a missing item – shoes, specifically. DearMine was very quick to communicate and sent out the shoes via EMS within two days.

Final Thoughts

DearMine is a great company with excellent product and customer service. I highly recommend this ball jointed doll company to anyone who loves anthros and stylized bjd aesthetic. In the upcoming months I will post in-depth reviews of DearPet and DearLover lines, including posing and construction – stay tuned!

  1. As someone who’s fairly new to this hobby, I’ve found it extremely hard to find not only a company that appealed to me artistically but a doll that really spoke to me! So after reading your very thorough review (which I’m thankful for!) I checked them out and wow! I’m so excited to say that I’m going to get my first doll from them.

    Thank you so much! <3

    1. I am very happy that you found your very first doll! Which one did you get? DearMine’s summer selection is stunning! I bought one myself just this past week – Eve Forest fullset.

  2. I will be getting a Dearpet Dorothy in another week or two (she was the fullset version but she wont be coming with the actual fullset). It was really hard to find something that would tell me more about Dearmine and their Dearpets! Would you (or have you) do/done a detailed body review on your Dearpets? I find the information you give very helpful. Thank you!

    1. Congratulations on getting Dorothy! She was the sculpt that made me fall in love with DearMine – such a cute little cat! I plan to review both Dear Pet and Dear Lover bodies soon, perhaps at the end of November or December of this year.

      If you’d like, you can subscribe to my newsletter to get an email with blog updates every month (the signup box is at the top of this page). I also post blog updates on BJD Realm’s Facebook page as soon as they are posted.

      Stop by and let me know how you like Dorothy when you receive her! 🙂

  3. Loved the review, it was awesome are very detailed! I love most of Dearmine dolls, they are amazing and look so detailed!
    Thanks so much for doing the review :3

    1. I’m glad you found the review useful! These dolls are most definitely amazing!
      Do you have any of their dolls?

  4. Excellent review, Anna. I agree, Dearmine is one of my top favorite companies. Excellent service, beautiful resin, and really different face-ups. It seems as though they really pay attention to their customers.

    1. Yep, that’s the impression I got every time I ordered – they definitely pay attention to the customers. Unfortunately, this cannot be said for a lot of other bjd companies, which makes DearMine really stand out!

  5. Awesome review! I too have a Dearmine doll (Lavender Garden Debon) from the first set of dolls available. The faceup and resin are still in pristine condition, despite my having handled the doll. The quality of the dolls in the photos is the same as what you receive – something which seems to be rare in this hobby when many company pictures are photoshopped, or only taken at attractive angles. Can’t wait to see your next review!

    1. Lavender Garden Debon is adorable! I wanted to get him too, but he was already sold out. You are absolutely right about their company pictures – you get exactly what you see, which is definitely not at all common these days.

      I’ll be working on my next company review this month!

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