DearMine BJD – Anatomy of a Full-Set

The Accessories


These gorgeous black resin shoes have pink bows and tiny pink rhinestones. They are a tight fit over the full-set stockings, but fit perfectly on bare feet. They will not fit over socks or stockings made with thick material.

DearMine Angela wearing black shoes with pink bows
This is the prettiest pair of bjd shoes I own!


For this Angela release, DearMine offered a choice of long wavy wigs in three different colors (lavender, honey and blonde). I am quite happy with my selection of pastel lavender! It is a very delicate color and works well with the outfit. The wig fibers are very soft and the fit is excellent. I particularly like that the fringe does not need to be trimmed – it is the perfect length for Angela’s forehead.

DearMine Angela wearing full-set lavender wig
This wig is very soft and fluffy!


The deep blue glass eyes provided with this full-set are quite big at 18mm. They fill the eye sockets almost completely and take very little putty to affix. I was initially concerned that they would be too large, but they fit perfectly, especially for a big-eyed look.

DearMine bjd Angela full-set blue eyes
Gorgeous deep sapphire eyes

The Face-Up

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – DearMine employs some of the most talented face-up artists! Their face-ups are whimsical, colorful and beautifully executed.

Spring 2014 Angela’s face-up has a somewhat different color palette than my previous DearMine bjd full-sets. It has a more muted, earthy look and does not have any shimmer. I am especially impressed with the brushwork on the eyelashes and eyebrows! To complete the look, high quality black eyelashes are used.

DearMine bjd Angela's face-up
Gorgeous earth-toned face-up

The ears are blushed with an artistic pattern in the center and soft blue tones on the edges.

The Doll

While the doll herself is not the focus of this article, I’d like to dedicate a few words to her. Angela arrived perfectly strung and with minimal seamlines. The resin is very light pink in color and, like most DearMine dolls, has a toothy texture. Included with the doll are ears and tail, which attach to the body via magnets.

Overall Impressions

This full-set did not disappoint. Everything is well-made, fits the doll perfectly and the face-up is masterfully executed. Going forward, I will continue to buy DearMine dolls preferentially with their full-sets – they are absolutely worth the cost!

DearMine bjd Angela wearing Spring 2014 full-set
Angela wearing her Spring 2014 full-set

Do you like bjd full-sets, or do you prefer to put your dolls together from scratch?
Do you think full-sets are worth the cost?

  1. Great review, Anna. I agree, the fullsets from Dearmine are a bargain. I just love those shoes! I sure wish you could buy them separately, but maybe someday. I feel like the cost of the fullset is well worth it. I am purchasing a Blue Russian Dune and definitely wanted the entire ensemble.
    I really love the bright blue eyes on your Angela. They are quite stunning against the pale palette used for her face. The semi-abstract design of her ears are different, too. She is a stunning beauty.
    Great review!

    1. Thank you! Initially, I was iffy on the full-set eyes – they seemed too dark. But, you are absolutely right, they contrast beautifully with her pale resin.

      Congratulations on snagging a Russian Blue Dune! He is very handsome, and I wish I could bring him home as well. I look forward to seeing your pictures of him when he arrives! Did DearMine give you a shipping estimate for him? I’m also very curious about the French resin they are using for his release.

      1. I’ve been having horrible trouble accessing the site, getting a 403 Forbidden error. Dearmine has been trying to fix it, but who knows. I will get my son on it later this week.
        I am assuming he will arrive sometime in August.
        I didn’t even realize RB Dune was going to be French resin until someone else mentioned it. I hope I like it. Ive had several FR dolls before with mixed results.

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