DearMine BJD – Anatomy of a Full-Set

Earlier this year, I wrote a review about DearMine BJD company, where, among other things, I mentioned my appreciation of their full-set offerings. Since then, I’ve been asked for more details about DearMine bjd full-sets: What exactly is included? Do all the components fit well? Are they a good value?

These are valid questions because, let’s be honest, not all bjd full-sets are worth the expense. Ill-fitting wigs and outfits, fraying fabric and shoddy garment construction are some of the things I’ve personally experienced when buying full-sets from a few major bjd companies. On the other hand, DearMine (along with a handful of other companies, to be reviewed at a later date), has consistently released gorgeous and elaborate packages.

In this post, I will showcase my recently arrived Spring 2014 edition DearLover Angela for an in-depth look into DearMine bjd full-set quality and components.

DearMine bjd certificate and full-set shoes
DearMine certificate and shoes

The Outfit

As is typical with most DearMine full-sets, the Spring 2014 Angela outfit includes several pieces – underwear, stockings, underdress, dress and hat. The fit of all five pieces is perfect. Nothing is too loose or too tight. The materials used are high quality, the seams are all properly finished and there are no fraying fabric edges.


The underwear set consists of cute lacy panties with pink bows and stretchy tan stockings. Both pieces fit the doll snugly and are very easy to put on due to the elasticity of the fabric used.

DearMine bjd Angela wearing underwear and stockings
Angela wearing cute undies

Lace Underdress

This delicate halter top dress features a double layer black-trimmed skirt and a small lacy bow at the neckline. While meant to be worn under the outer dress, this piece works great on its own as a light summer outfit!

DearMine bjd Angela wearing white lace underdress
Angela wearing the lacy underdress

To avoid damaging the doll’s eyelashes, I took off the head before putting on the dress. As the head is attached to the body via magnets, it is extremely safe and easy to take off for dressing and eye-changing purposes.


The dark floral outer dress has lace trim and ribbon detailing. It features two bows – one at the collar and one on the back. The sparkly golden buttons are purely decorative, since the dress closes with tiny metal snaps.

DearMine bjd Angela wearing full-set outer dress
Angela in her gorgeous dress

I especially love the bow in the back of the dress. It gives the ensemble a regal and elegant flair!

DearMine bjd Angela wearing full-set dress, back view
Angela showing off the back bow


The black lace-trimmed hat has a cute flower accessory attached to the side. I used one of Angela’s ears and an extra magnet to hold the hat in place. Since the hat does not have a top cover, an alternative way to wear it is over one of the ears.

DearMine bjd Angela wearing full-set hat
Angela wearing full-set hat

Because this article is very image heavy, it is split into two pages. Continue reading on the second page!

  1. Great review, Anna. I agree, the fullsets from Dearmine are a bargain. I just love those shoes! I sure wish you could buy them separately, but maybe someday. I feel like the cost of the fullset is well worth it. I am purchasing a Blue Russian Dune and definitely wanted the entire ensemble.
    I really love the bright blue eyes on your Angela. They are quite stunning against the pale palette used for her face. The semi-abstract design of her ears are different, too. She is a stunning beauty.
    Great review!

    1. Thank you! Initially, I was iffy on the full-set eyes – they seemed too dark. But, you are absolutely right, they contrast beautifully with her pale resin.

      Congratulations on snagging a Russian Blue Dune! He is very handsome, and I wish I could bring him home as well. I look forward to seeing your pictures of him when he arrives! Did DearMine give you a shipping estimate for him? I’m also very curious about the French resin they are using for his release.

      1. I’ve been having horrible trouble accessing the site, getting a 403 Forbidden error. Dearmine has been trying to fix it, but who knows. I will get my son on it later this week.
        I am assuming he will arrive sometime in August.
        I didn’t even realize RB Dune was going to be French resin until someone else mentioned it. I hope I like it. Ive had several FR dolls before with mixed results.

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