DoA Mod Swap 2014

Ah, the Ides of January – the time to recover after holiday food fests and obligatory family gatherings, as well as partake in the DoA Mod Swap, of course!

My swap gift arrived beautifully wrapped in cat themed packaging. I especially loved the fancy cat gift tag!

Cat themed gift wrap

Inside, was a very cute white Yo-SD sized dress with a pink ribbon! I really like the design of the dress – it has slightly puffy sleeves and beautiful lace trim. The dress fits Little Lena (who still needs a proper name), a Volks Yo-SD Megu, like a glove.

BJD Volks Yo-SD Megu in a white dress
Modeling her pretty new dress

In addition to the dress, Dezarii included a scented pillow, embroidered with a flower motif – very pretty and smells divine! Surprisingly, my cat showed quite an interest in it. She usually avoids anything that has a strong smell (other than catnip, of course), but she loved the pillow! I’m sure that if I didn’t take it away from her, she’d be batting it all over the house as I type this.

BJD Volks Yo-SD Megu with handmade pillow
Cute as a button!

A big thank you to Dezarii for organizing this swap again this year and for a lovely gift! My girls and I are definitely going to enjoy it!


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