Dollism Plus USA Part II – Vendor Hall 1

Aimerai Booth

Aimerai is a relative newcomer to the BJD scene, so it was great to see these dolls in person.

Aimerai Scraps from the Oz Series at Dollism Plus USA
Scraps LE from the Oz Series

All the dolls displayed were from the Oz Series, which are still available for purchase from Mint on Card as of this writing.

Aimerai Glinda and Oscar Diggs BJDs at Dollism Plus USA
Oscar Diggs on the left and Glinda on the right

The tinies were particularly cute in their outfits. I wonder how well these dolls pose? It will be interesting to read reviews once those who ordered start receiving them.

Aimerai BJDs Ojo and Jinjur at Dollism Plus USA
Ojo on the left and Jinjur on the right

Magic Mirror Booth

The lovely girls of Magic Mirror by Nanyalin look like mystical faeries in person! Maeve in lilac resin on the picture below impressed me the most. I loved everything about her!

Magic Mirror BJD Maeve at Dollism Plus USA
Maeve in a lovely flowing outfit
Magic Mirror Siobhan and Maeve at Dollism Plus USA
Siobhan and Maeve
Magic Mirror BJD Maeve in lilac resin at Dollism Plus USA
Maeve in very pretty lilac resin

After seeing Saoirse in person, I am very tempted to have one of my own. I especially like the curvy body sculpt with its more realistic pear shape.

Magic Mirror BJDs Saoirse and Siobhan in normal resin and Sibhan in tan resin at Dollism Plus USA
Saoirse and Siobhan in normal resin and Sibhan in tan resin

Nalisinko Booth

It was a real treat to see Nalisinko creations at Dollism! I have admired her talent for so long and seeing her outfits in person did not disappoint. I will definitely be commissioning her as soon as I am able to get a slot!

Nalisinko's booth at Dollism Plus USA
A section of Nalisinko’s gorgeous booth

The Black Witch Special gown, which took 22 hours to put together, was quite a stunner. It looked great on EID Carina and certainly showed off her assets!

Black gown by Nalisinko at Dollism Plus USA
Black Witch Special, OOAK for Dollism Plus USA

This Bloom Show Special ensemble was amazing with all the floral detail and light mesh fabric. I am not at all surprised that it took 32 hours to make!

Floral Gown by Nalisinko at Dollism Plus USA
Bloom Show Special, OOAK for Dollism Plus USA

Princess Doll Booth

Princess Doll brought many cute and lacy ensembles in various sizes. I already have a few of their outfits and the quality is top notch! It was great meeting the company representative as well, she was very nice and helpful!

Princess Doll BJD clothing booth at Dollism Plus USA
All Princess Doll outfits were displayed on racks like this one

Ruby Red Galleria Booth

Ruby Red Galleria booth was very colorful with lots of tiny dolls! I didn’t know much about this BJD company until the convention and didn’t realize they have such cute sculpts!

Ruby Red Galleria Booth at Dollism Plus USA
A section of the Ruby Red Galleria booth and their very nice rep

The panel that Ruby Red Galleria held on Sunday was a lot of fun. The host was very entertaining! We played a beanbag game for prizes, laughed and generally had a great time. He also introduced the company’s new line of dolls – Ten Ping, which are based on the owner’s childhood experiences.

Ruby Red Galleria Ten Ping limited edition BJDs at Dollism Plus USA
The new limited edition Ten Ping dolls

Spirit Doll Booth

I was happy that Spirit Doll brought some of their biggest dolls, especially from the Proud line. Interestingly, the 70cm size was not as intimidating as I had anticipated. I passed on The Mad Hatter Insane in the past due to size and now I really regret it!

Spirit Doll booth at Dollism Plus USA
A section of Spirit Doll’s booth

The Dolce line is 1/2 scale, which is rather uncommon. And, even though at 75cm they are only 5cm taller than the Proud dolls, their proportions make them seem much larger!

Spirit Doll Dolce girls at Dollism Plus USA
Two girls from the 1/2 scale Dolce line

Spirit Doll’s male sculpts have always appealed to me, and Celtis (below, far right) was no exception. I love the dark, brooding character many of their male dolls have. I hope to own one of their Proud boys eventually!

Spirit Doll BJDs Atropa, Jade and Celtis at Dollism Plus USA
Atropa, Jade and Celtis from the Proud (70cm) line

Switch Booth

Switch did not bring a lot to the convention, which was surprising. On display were five Dollism Plus USA exclusive male sculpts, limited to one each, and a handful of limited wigs.

Switch boys Seowo, Soseo and Seolrok at Dollism Plus USA
Seowo, Soseo and Seolrok

By Sunday afternoon everything Switch brought was sold out. I believe they were the first booth to start packing up due to having nothing more to sell!

Switch Sohwa at Dollism Plus USA
Switch Sohwa

The boy below, Waseon, was my personal favorite. I really liked everything about his sculpt, especially the shape of the lips.

Switch Waseon at Dollism Plus USA
Switch Waseon

If you’d like to see the rest of the Vendor Hall pictures, including Soom, Darak Dollmore and others, stop by next week for the third and final part of the Dollism USA article series!

Which of the sculpts featured in this post did you like best? Did any make it on your BJD wish list?

  1. Thanks SO much for this post!
    I really love Peakswood but never bought from them.

    I attend to the Doll Rendezvous in Paris this year and they will be there!
    Thanks to your pics i can see clearly how the doll are ‘for real’.

    So maybe i’m gonna die for a Tristan Alice, it’s so hard to choose!



  2. Beautiful photos! And I love all your detailed comments. There was so much at the con that I don’t think I had any time at all to stop and actually learn much about what I was looking at, so it’s nice to have some information here! Thanks for posting.

  3. Lovely photos and great info!! I’m so envious you got to be in a room with so many Peak’s Woods dolls all at once XD
    I hope PW will release other dolls in tropical tan, because that skin tone is gorgeous!! I have both type of the Dlight on layaway, but they will be in diamond grey and suntan. I’d love to have a tropical tan girl at some point as well though, so I hope PW will not give up on that skin tone.
    Again, great pictures and info! Thank you for sharing <3

    1. It was a bit overwhelming to be surrounded by so many gorgeous dolls! I certainly hope that Peak’s Woods releases Tropical Tan again, but the staff at the booth said “not anytime soon”, so I am not holding my breath.

      Congratulations on getting both Dlights! I look forward to seeing pictures when they arrive 🙂

  4. I always enjoy your reviews! Thanks for the Dollism info. Wow, is Peakswood ever gorgeous! Those hand sculpts are amazing and even more beautiful than Limwha (my favorite hands) You make them so tempting. No wonder you wanted that Tropical Tan DLight.
    I’ve decided to grab a white Bean with the Bitter faceup at last. I would have loved a green or pink one had I attended. SO glad you were able to chat with the owner of DM.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I always love reading your comments <3

      Peak's Woods are truly amazing. And, the hands are so graceful and lovely. I love well sculpted hands! I am definitely going to grab extra pairs when I order Dlight.

      Congats on getting a Bean! Do you have a name picked out for him/her? Please post lots of pictures when you receive the package!

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