Dollism Plus USA Part III – Vendor Hall 2

Welcome to the Dollism Plus USA series of articles! In the next couple of days, I will be blogging about this wonderful bjd convention, which has arrived in the United States for the first time since it was launched in 2006. Dollism Plus USA, hosted by Den of Angels, DollHeart and Mint on Card, was held on September 19-21, 2014 in Buffalo, New York, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

Dollism Plus USA Banner "Dollism Welcome"
Dollism Plus USA welcome banner

What makes this convention extra special is that it’s also a celebration of Den of Angels’ 10th anniversary. I’ve been a member of Den of Angels since its humble beginnings as a Yahoo group over a decade ago, and I am extra excited to celebrate this huge milestone in our forum’s history. I look forward to sharing my experience with you!

This post is the second part of the Vendor Hall tour. It features images from Soom, Darak Doll, Dollmore, DollHeart, Mellow Doll, Batchix, Lati, Xtremedolls, Valerie Zeitler, Vertales, BJD Outfitters, Jpop Dolls, Bo Bergemann, The Horned Moon and Henriette Jardin booths. Photos from Peak’s Woods, DearMine, Switch, Spirit Doll and others can be found in Dollism Plus USA Part II article.

Want to see all the gorgeous contest entries prepared for this convention? Check out Dollism Plus USA Part I – The Contest Entries!

Soom Booth

I was very much looking forward to seeing Soom at Dollism Plus USA, and their booth did not disappoint! Julia, the representative who staffed the booth, is actually Department Director for The Gem and Idealian lines. It was very interesting and informative chatting with her!

Soom R. Hyperon in normal and white resins at Dollism Plus USA 2014
Soom R. Hyperon in normal resin (right) and white resin (left)

R. Hyperon SO was released by Soom for Dollism Plus USA. The grey resin version (below) was exclusive to the convention and could only be purchased in person. The white and normal resin options were available on the website as well.

Soom Idealian R. Hyperon in grey resin, a Dollism Plus USA 2014 exclusive
Idealian R. Hyperon in grey resin; Dollism Plus USA exclusive

Ender, another big boy brought to the convention by Soom, was gorgeous in his black and red ensemble. He is quite impressive in person!

Soom Ender Dream Walker at Dollism Plus USA 2014
Ender Dream Walker

I really love Soom’s new CutiePie anthro line! The toad was absolutely adorable with its little crown. My favorite was the open-eyed one cast in light green resin – that shade really suited the little guy. One of these days I’ll have to add him to my ever-expanding anthro lineup.

Soom Toads in tea green and light green at Dollism Plus USA 2014
Toads in tea green on the left and light green on the right
Soom Yarn in bronze resin and Toad in light green resin at Dollism Plus USA 2014
Yarn in bronze resin on the right and Toad in light green resin on the left

The mermaids Rico and Serin were stunning in person! I loved them both, but was especially partial to the one cast in normal resin and coral orange tail with romantic head.

Soom mermaids Serin and Rico at Dollism Plus USA 2014
Mermaids Serin and Rico

Val Zeitler Booth

I have long admired Val Zeitler dolls, but have never seen them in person. Her customization style stands out among mostly neutral face-ups found on many BJDs. The extensive shading and deep blushing really pops and photographs beautifully!

Val Zeitler BJD at Dollism Plus USA 2014
BJD customized by Valerie Zeitler

Val’s outfits are also very pretty. I like the bright colors and diverse patterns used for each ensemble. I did not expect that combining polka dots, stripes and florals would yield such pleasant results!

Val Zeitler BJD and outfit at Dollism Plus USA 2014
A cutie with glasses customized by Valerie Zeitler and a gorgeous dress

The girl below was my favorite at Val Zeitler’s booth. The teal and muted magenta of the dress complemented the doll’s colorful face-up well.

Val Zeitler BJD with pink bow at Dollism Plus USA 2014
Gorgeous girl with pink bow by Valerie Zeitler

Dollmore Booth

Dollmore brought many dolls with them to Dollism Plus USA! I spent quite a long time at their booth admiring the beautifully diverse style of their sculpts.

Dollmore ball jointed dolls at Dollism Plus USA 2014
Section of the Dollmore booth

As many of my readers know, I love anthro ball jointed dolls, so I was very happy that Dollmore brought their Catish to the convention. She is quite a glamorous cat girl, and is particularly stunning in the Mink resin.

Dollmore Catish cat bjd anthro at Dollism Plus USA 2014
Catish girl cat anthro

The Mokashura line of dolls (below) have rather unique proportions. They are 40.5cm tall, much like an average MSD-sized BJD, yet wear 28mm eyes and 13-14 inch wigs! By comparison, Dollmore’s 79cm Lusion dolls take 30mm eyes and the same wig size.

Dollmore BJD Mokashura Doll Duyou in suntan resin at Dollism Plus USA 2014
Mokashura Doll Duyou in suntan resin

The Model dolls were quite impressive with their intricate tattoos. It must have taken a very long time to apply them with such precision and detail!

Dollmore BJD Model Dolls Tattoo Hayarn, Tattoo Nayuta Kenzo and Lisa Rubik at Dollism Plus USA 2014
From left to right: Tattoo Hayarn, Tattoo Nayuta Kenzo and Lisa Rubik

Lisa Rubik was my personal favorite at the Dollmore booth. I particularly loved the golden tones of her face-up on the black resin (called “Real Raven Skin” by the company). I would love to add her to my collection one of these days!

Dollmore BJD Model Doll You Under My Raven Skin: Lisa Rubik, LE10 at Dollism Plus USA 2014
Model Doll You Under My Raven Skin: Lisa Rubik, LE10

Theo is another doll that landed on my wishlist, which is unexpected since I am very picky when it comes to male sculpts. He was quite dashing in his sailor uniform!

Dollmore Theo Doll at Dollism Plus USA 2014
Dollmore Theo Doll

The little munchkins below are Mona dolls. They are 27cm tall, which is only a few centimeters taller than a LittleFee. I was surprised to note that these BJDs do not have ankle or wrist joints, which makes them off-topic for Den of Angels. I wonder if Dollmore will release an alternative body with more articulation in the future?

Dollmore BJD Mona Dolls Rainbow Horse: Dreaming Mong-a and Domisol Mong-a at Dollism Plus USA 2014
Mona Dolls Rainbow Horse: Dreaming Mong-a and Domisol Mong-a

There were many Narshas at the booth! Considering how popular this sculpt is, it’s no wonder the company brought a handful!

Dollmore BJD Narsha girls at Dollism Plus USA 2014
Dollmore Narsha girls

At the height of 105cm, the Trinity line is Dollmore’s tallest and biggest BJD. Elysia (below) was absolutely magnificent in her black corset ensemble. I am very thankful that Dollmore brought her to the convention, as it was amazing to see her in person!

Dollmore BJD Trinity Doll Blue Voler Elysia at Dollism Plus USA 2014
Trinity Doll Blue Voler Elysia

Because this article is very image heavy, it is split into three pages. Continue onto the second page for Batchix, BJD Outfitters, Darak, Bo Bergemann, DollHeart, Lati, Henriette Jardin, The Horned Moon, Jpop Dolls, Mellow Doll, Vertales and Xtremedolls pictures!

  1. You got some amazing photos! I’m quite new to the BJD world, and I haven’t thought of getting any boys yet, but that Theo really is dashing, isn’t he? Wow, this doll thing is such a slippery slope. 🙂

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