Fairyland BJD & Darak Doll Comparison

In the vast world of ball jointed doll options, similarly sized dolls often have very different proportions. Take, for example, Darak Doll Remy and Fairyland’s ChicLine and MiniFee dolls. All three are MSD-sized, but sharing clothes can be problematic given their unique shapes!

To illustrate the differences and similarities among the three girls, we have:

  • Vesta – Fairyland MiniFee Miyu, cutie legs and cutie bust, cast in 2011
  • SooSoom Rosette Fir on Fairyland ChicLine body, large bust and model legs, cast in 2013
  • Remi – Darak Doll Remy on A-type small bust body, cast in 2013
Fairyland BJD Chicline, MiniFee and Darak Doll comparison; front view.
Chicline, MiniFee and Darak dolls; front view

Clothing Considerations

Clothing can be a real challenge, if you want all three to share a wardrobe. For bottoms, the best bet are skirts with elastic waistbands that are not fitted at the hips. Flared and Bubble skirts work well. Tops and dresses will be almost impossible to share, since Darak Remy best fits into YoSD-sized tops. Anything bigger usually falls right off her very narrow shoulders! Finally, shoes can be shared quite easily between Remy and a MiniFee, but, of course, not ChicLine, whose feet are almost twice as small as the other two girls’.

Fairyland BJD ChicLine, MiniFee and Darak Doll comparison; side view.
ChicLine, MiniFee and Darak dolls; side view

Resin Differences

Darak Doll’s normal resin is very light and is not the best match for Fairyland’s resin. If you are interested in hybriding Darak Doll and Fairyland MiniFee, blushing the resin to match may be in order.

Fairyland BJD ChicLine, MiniFee and Darak doll comparison; back view.
ChicLine, MiniFee and Darak dolls; back view


For quick reference, here is a table of commonly referenced doll measurements. Note that for wig size, I included sizing for the ChicLine head, not the Rosette head, to avoid confusion. Rosette Fir takes a 6-7 inch wig, if you are curious!

Measurements for ChicLine (large bust), MiniFee (cutie bust) and Darak Doll (small bust)
  ChicLine MiniFee Darak
Height 37cm 41cm 42cm
Shoulders 7.5cm 8cm 7cm
Bust 16.7cm 14.5cm 14cm
Waist 11cm 12cm 12cm
Hips 17.5cm 19cm 19.5cm
Foot 4.3cm 5.5cm 4.7cm
Wig size 4-5in. 6-7in. 6-6.5in.

  1. I’m new to the bjd hobby and I’m getting my first doll…but where exactly do I get a minifee? The doll fairyland site is confusing and hard to find the listing for a mini fee body and head

  2. I just made my last payment for a chicline lishe doll,
    and I have gotten a lont of tonner,gene outfits (that I hope ) fit.
    and if so I will post the ones that do fit for other to see ans know , as I t is hard to know what will fit and work .

    1. If you love a modelesque kind of doll you will love it… chicline is an epitome of sexiness… I have two… and I’m planning to get like six of them… ???

  3. what other doll heads will work on chic doll?
    13″ Revlon doll by tonner?
    Barbie 12″ heads
    Barbie 16″ heads
    tonner 16″ heads?
    do they look ok
    a good fit ?

    1. Fairyland ChicLine dolls are cast in resin. The dolls you mentioned are vinyl, and I imagine would require a lot of work to color match. Tonner did release some resin dolls as well, so perhaps their heads would be a nicer fit.

      Out of the dolls you listed, the Tonner 16″ heads (Tyler Wentworth and similar) would look best, as the ChicLine body is quite similar proportion-wise to the Tyler body. In fact, my ChicLine girls wear Tyler Wentworth clothing quite successfully.

      Good luck with your hybrids!

    1. I just tried them out. They could possibly fit with some modding. As is, the MiniFee hands do not sit flush with the ChicLine wrist ball, placing the magnets too far away to provide adequate hold.

      Aesthetically, the MiniFee hands look way too big for the slender ChicLine forearm. But, if you like the look, it can definitely be done! You’d probably need to place an extra magnet between the hand and the wrist ball for better hold. Or, alternatively, you could use hot glue to hold them in place, if you don’t care about taking them off frequently.

    1. I’m happy this was useful! I am always on the lookout for comparisons myself – they give me a good idea of how my dolls will display together and share clothes. Darak dolls are still not very plentiful, so I hoped someone would find this interesting!

      And, I highly recommend the Rosette-ChicLine hybrid, if you like the aesthetic. It was extremely easy to put together and the resin match is great!

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