MiniFee & Darak Doll Hybrid

Earlier this year, Ashbet on Flickr asked about a Fairyland MiniFee head on Darak Doll body hybrid. Initially, I was skeptical – I didn’t think this hybrid would work. I’m happy to say, however, that it turned out much better than I expected! In fact, I’d say that it’s a great idea, especially if you are looking to add some body shape diversity to your MSD-sized crew.

Fairyland MiniFee Miyu on Darak Doll body hybrid
MiniFee Miyu on Darak body

I chose Miyu for this experiment because she is the more youthful-looking MiniFee, which is similar to Darak Doll’s aesthetic. Also, since Miyu is one of the biggest MiniFee heads, I was curious if she would appear bobble-headed on the Darak body.


The proportions work very well. The wider hips are balanced nicely by MiniFee Miyu’s bigger head. They don’t seem quite as big as they do with the original Remy head, which is one wig size smaller than Miyu. The shoulders are noticeably narrow, but don’t push Miyu into the bobble-headed territory. This is probably the largest head I would want to put on this body.

Fairyland MiniFee Miyu on Darak Doll body hybrid, without wig
Miyu on Darak body without wig

MiniFee “neck part” attachment will fit on the Darak body just fine, though may require some sueding to compensate for Darak’s slightly narrower neck. Incidentally, this slight difference in neck sizes is why I wasn’t able to put Remy’s head on the MiniFee body.

Fairyland MiniFee Miyu on Darak Doll body hybrid, sitting
Miyu sitting pretty

Resin Match

Resin colors, however, are quite different. Darak normal resin is very light, somewhat close to yellowed white resin. To give a better idea of resin color differences, below is MiniFee Juri 13 head on the Darak body, which was also cast in 2013. This match is better, but there’s still a noticeable difference – the Fairyland resin is a pinker shade. Also, I’m sure the two resins will age very differently, so some blushing will be in order for a better match.

Fairyland MiniFee Juri 13 head on Darak Doll body hybrid, resin comparison
Juri 2013 head on Darak body

I like it!

I think this hybrid has a lot of potential, and may be an interesting option for those floating MiniFee heads that have a tendency of multiplying the longer one has been in the hobby! The biggest obstacles in making this happen is the resin match, but it’s a simple fix with some blushing.

Fairyland MiniFee Miyu on Darak Doll body hybrid, lounging
Darak body is great at lounging

What do you think? Is this a hybrid you’d be interested in putting together?

  1. Do you think the Fairyland WS would work better with Darak normal resin? Especially after mellowing?

    I’d be curious to see a resin comparison between the two of them!

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t have any Fairyland dolls in white resin. Though, judging by the pictures I’ve seen, I’d say there’s a good chance it will match better than normal resin, especially if mellowed.

      My next FL purchase will be in white resin, and I’ll be happy to post a comparison at that time!

  2. Oh, wow, she looks great!! Thank you so much for doing the experiment — and while there would definitely be some blushing needed, I love the body shape and the proportions with a MNF head.

    And body-shape diversity in dolls is always a pleasure — I like my own dolls to vary in height and proportions and overall shape, because it makes them more “real” than a line-up of identical bodies . . . and it’s nice to see dolls with curvy hips and smaller breasts, as well as the more typical hourglass shape.

    I’m really glad that it worked out so well! 😀

    1. I love body diversity in the BJD world! I, too, always try and buy dolls with varying body shapes, even if it’s only different bust sizes. Darak’s unique body is what initially made me take a chance on this company, and I’m very glad I did!

      Thank you very much for suggesting this hybrid – it’s so much cuter than I expected!

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