Licht Wig Review

In this first installment of the wig review series, I will be focusing on Licht, a Chinese ball jointed doll wig company. Licht sells merchandise through Toabao and the recently opened international web shop.

I placed my order during one of Licht’s numerous events. As expected, the package took a bit longer to arrive – about 45 days. I contacted the company twice during the wait, inquiring about the status of my order. Both times Licht replied promptly and politely.

All these wigs are right out of the box – I didn’t style them other than smoothing down the stray hairs with a wig brush. They are all size 6-6.5 inches and fit perfectly on a smaller MSD-sized head, such as that of Soom Rosette Armeria, who is my model for this review. Because the wig caps are quite stretchy, they will also fit comfortably on MiniFee heads, but will be too small to fit larger MSD-sized dolls, such as Bluefairy Tinyfairy and Soom Little Gems.

MiniFee Chloe wearing a Licht wig L-034 NC
MiniFee Chloe in L-034 NC

Licht Wig Q-10 in Natural Black (size 6-6.5)

Natural Black is a very dark brown color, not pure black. The fringe of this wig is nicely scaled, although it is somewhat longer on one side. I like this asymmetrical look, but if you are not a fan, a quick trim will even it out. The quality is good – fibers are decently soft (though, not as soft as Monique wigs) and the hair stays put without annoying flyaways. The wig cap is not visible.

Rosette Armeria wearing Licht wig Q-10
Rosette Armeria in Q-10

A word of caution about this wig – it will stain your doll’s head. It took two vinegar soaks to fully set the color. A wig cap is most definitely recommended!

Licht Wig L-038 in Honey Peach (size 6-6.5 inches)

The Honey Peach color is a soft salmon pink with beige highlights and tips. It is not as vivid as it is on the official pictures, but it’s comparable. The fringe is nicely scaled and evenly cut. The fibers are rather soft and wig cap is not visible. This wig will require some work, and possibly a styling product, to look like it does on the promotional shots where the waves are tighter and nicely separated.

Rosette Armeria wearing Licht wig L-038
Rosette Armeria in L-038

Licht Wig L-034 NC in Dream Pink (size 6-6.5 inches)

Dream Pink is a delicious combination of blue and pink pastels. Although a touch lighter, the color is very true to the official images. The fringe is a bit longer than on the other Licht wigs of this size. It can be trimmed or swept slightly to the side, depending on preference. The fibers are very soft – the softest out of all my Licht wigs so far! – and the hair stays put without annoying flyaways. The wig cap is not visible. This wig scales down very well and requires no styling at all to look like the promotional shots!

Rosette Armeria wearing Licht wig L-034 NC
Rosette Armeria in L-034 NC

Licht Wig B-1 in HLG (size 6-6.5 inches)

HLG is a warm blonde with light brown highlights; it is represented accurately on the official images. The base wig is styled beautifully and consistently – the small curls are uniform and the fringe is symmetrical. Fibers are stiffer than the other wigs, but it works for this hairstyle, as very soft strands would not keep the curls tight and neat. The wig cap is not visible.

Rosette Armeria wearing Licht wig B-1
Rosette Armeria in B-1 without attachments

The pony tail attachments I’m not too thrilled with. Right out of the box they are rather messy. It’s not very visible on the picture, but there are many strands that have separated from the original curls. I will need to restyle them with some styling product to reconstruct the waves.

Rosette Armeria wearing Licht wig B-1 with ponytail attachments
Rosette Armeria in B-1 with attachements

In the smaller size, the base wig looks very different from the promotional shots. However, I’m quite happy with the difference! I dare say that I like it more than the larger version. But, if you are looking for a very short pixi cut that’s pictured in the official images, you are not going to get it in this size.

Final Thoughts

Overall I’m very happy with my Licht wig order. Because bjd wig companies often use SD-sized wigs for promotional shots, I’m particularly pleased that Licht wigs seem to scale down accurately, unlike some other companies’ wigs (I’m looking at you, Leeke!). I would most certainly buy from Licht again.

MiniFee Mirwen wearing Licht wig Q-10
MiniFee Mirwen in Q-10

  1. Nice review! I had considered Licht once, and it is good to know they have such quality! Thanks for posting because it was so useful :3

    1. I’m happy you found it useful! Their new rewards system, which was just announced a few days ago, is a great incentive to order. Once I pay off a few layaways, I’ll be placing another order. I’ll make sure to blog about it when I receive it 🙂

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