MiniFee Chloe wearing a Licht wig L-034 NC

Licht Wig Review

In this first installment of the wig review series, I will be focusing on Licht, a Chinese ball jointed doll wig company. Licht sells merchandise through Toabao and the recently opened international web shop. I placed my order during one of Licht’s numerous events. As expected, the package took a bit longer to arrive –..

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Using Acetone on Resin

Note: Read the Caution statement on acetone and acetone-related products carefully before use. Acetone is highly flammable and should be kept and used away from any heat source. Use in a well-ventilated area and do not inhale the fumes. Consult the caution label on the product you will be using for details. Precautions Never soak..

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Fairyland BJD MiniFee Miyu on Darak Doll body hybrid

MiniFee & Darak Doll Hybrid

Earlier this year, Ashbet on Flickr asked about a Fairyland MiniFee head on Darak Doll body hybrid. Initially, I was skeptical – I didn’t think this hybrid would work. I’m happy to say, however, that it turned out much better than I expected! In fact, I’d say that it’s a great idea, especially if you..

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Fairyland BJD MiniFee Miyu and Darak Doll Remy

Fairyland BJD & Darak Doll Comparison

In the vast world of ball jointed doll options, similarly sized dolls often have very different proportions. Take, for example, Darak Doll Remy and Fairyland’s ChicLine and MiniFee dolls. All three are MSD-sized, but sharing clothes can be problematic given their unique shapes! To illustrate the differences and similarities among the three girls, we have:..

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