Fairyland BJD Mirwen in tan resin

Fairyland BJDs – Tan Resin Review

Last summer, Fairyland made a lot of BJD hobbyists extremely happy by releasing the tan resin option for their MiniFee doll line. Although I have had problems with Fairyland’s quality and customer service in the past (more on that in a future post), I admit that I find it very difficult to say “no” to..

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7 Ways to Save on Ball Jointed Dolls!

As much as I love the bjd hobby, it does have one big drawback – it’s expensive! When I first learned about ball jointed dolls in 2002, I had quite a sticker shock; so much so that it took me almost two years to take the plunge and order a doll. Thankfully, it’s no longer..

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DearMine bjd anthro Priscilla

DearMine – BJD Company Review

DearMine, a Korean ball jointed doll company, first appeared on the bjd scene in 2010 with its tiny cat anthros Debon/Siamy and Korat/Dorothy. Since then, the company has expanded its offerings to include other types of anthros, as well as human dolls, in a wide range of sizes. Currently, DearMine offers four distinct lines of..

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DoA Mod Swap 2014

Ah, the Ides of January – the time to recover after holiday food fests and obligatory family gatherings, as well as partake in the DoA Mod Swap, of course! My swap gift arrived beautifully wrapped in cat themed packaging. I especially loved the fancy cat gift tag! Inside, was a very cute white Yo-SD sized..

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