Soom Rosette-Fairyland Chicline Hybrids

Despite being in the hobby for over 10 years, hybrids very rarely tempted me. I was mostly satisfied with my dolls’ construction and proportions as the sculptor had envisioned them. However, that all changed when I learned more about Fairyland Chiclines! I absolutely adored the body – size, articulation, aesthetics, and curvy body lines all appealed to me. The only (serious) drawback was the size of the Chicline heads – they were simply too small to fit in with the rest of my collection, which consists entirely of the old-school Asian ball jointed doll aesthetic, defined by oversized heads and big eyes. The only way I could reasonably integrate the Chiclines with the rest of my crew is to hybrid the body with a larger head.

My initial hybrid idea was to use a MiniFee head. In theory, that sounded perfect – the resin match would not be an issue and Fairyland produces a special adapter that would allow me to construct this doll without much effort. Unfortunately, as I explored images of existing MiniFee-Chicline hybrids, the resulting doll appeared a bit too bubble-headed for my tastes.

Enter, Soom Rosettes! Even the biggest Rosette head I own – Fir – is smaller than any MiniFee head that interests me, but still big enough to yield potentially great results on a Chicline body. Hopeful, I ordered two Chiclines during Fairyland’s brief re-release of the line in late 2012 – a small bust body and a large bust body, for variety.

Rosette-Chicline Vela BJD hybrid
Vela looking elegant and dainty.

Assembling these hybrids was incredibly easy. After removing the Chicline head connector, which was the most difficult part of the entire process, I was able to attach the Rosette headbacks via the original Chicline S-hooks. There’s no gaping between the head and the neck. In fact, the Rosette heads sit and move on these bodies exactly like the original Chicline heads do.

Rosette-Chicline Fir BJD hybrid
Fir looks wonderful from the back as well

Rosette Fir (cast in mid-2011) on the large bust Chicline body

I feel that the larger bust size balances out Fir’s head and elongated nose very nicely. It gives the doll the type of proportions that I love without going too far into the Blythe-type look.The resin match on this particular combination is perfection – both head and body are so similar in color that it seems that they were poured from the same batch of resin.

BJD Soom Rosette Fir-Fairyland Chicline hybrid BJD Soom Rosette Fir-Fairyland Chicline hybrid
Fir looking splendid on the Chicline body

Rosette Vela (cast in early 2012) on the small bust Chicline body

I chose the Vela head for this body because it’s slightly smaller and has less prominent features, which works well with the small bust.

Soom Rosette Vela-Fairyland Chicline small bust hybrid Soom Rosette Vela-Fairyland Chicline small bust hybrid
Vela on the small bust Chicline body

The resin match is very good, but not perfect. Soom’s early 2012 resin has more pink in it than Fairyland’s late 2012-early 2013 resin, which is noticeable upon close inspection. Additionally, it’s further exaggerated by ample blushing on Vela’s cheeks. Fortunately, this is easily fixed by blushing the body to add a touch of pink tones. Also, as with all Soom resin, Vela’s head should continue to lose pink as she ages.

Soom Rosette Vela-Fairyland Chicline small bust hybrid standing on high heels
Vela stands like a rock, even on high heels

Both Vela and Fir are very stable on their Chicline bodies. Stability is something that I was concerned about, as the bodies were engineered to hold much smaller, lighter heads. But, both girls are able to stand without issues, even while wearing high-heeled shoes!

BJD Soom Rosette Fir-Fairyland Chicline hybrid lounging
Fir lounging comfortably

The engineering of this body is absolutely amazing, and I’m very happy to be able to add it to my collection. It’s not out of the question that I will be assembling more Rosette-Chicline hybrids in the future!

  1. Hi!

    My name is Leandra, I’m a BJD artist/ sculptress, and searching for my doll size clothing, I found your blog, and I realized that my dolls are just like this!

    If you want to take a look, here is a Flickr link to my BJD Lilly photo with measurements 😉

    I hope you like her!

    Vasilisa’s Dolls

  2. I very much want to construct a bjd. Do you have sny tips, or some drawn out proportions, maybe some video tutorials that could help me out?

    1. Hi! Unfortunately, I don’t know much about sculpting dolls. However, there is a wonderful forum out there that many talented doll sculptors frequent – The Joint. I highly recommend registering there and checking out various sculpting “in progress” threads. As for videos, try searching YouTube with keyword “sculpting bjd”. I just tried it and many interesting videos popped up.

      Good luck with sculpting! Visit again soon and let me know how you are progressing.

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