Soom BJD CutiePie Posing Review

Soom bjd CutiePie anthros are a relatively recent addition to the company’s extensive doll lineup. Because Soom dolls vary greatly in their abilities to pose, I decided to see how CutiePie Teddy measures up!

CutiePie Teddy arrived disassembled as part of Soom’s Christmas Kit. I strung her myself using 1.5mm elastic string purchased from CoolCat’s online store. The tension of my stringing is best described as moderate. Teddy does not flop around, but is still loose enough that I can pull apart the joints and expose about 5mm of string at maximum tension. She has not been sueded or wired for this demonstration.

Soom BJD CutiePie Teddy anthro doll waving
Hello, world!

In all the poses illustrated below, Teddy was posed on an even wood surface. She was not propped or otherwise supported by any means. Her head required the most attention because CutiePie dolls are rather top-heavy, which is typical for anthro bjds.


The CutiePie body excels at a number of different standing poses! I was pleasantly surprised at how easy Teddy was to balance on her tiny paws.

The standard standing pose

This was the most difficult to attain. Teddy refused to stand with her legs evenly across from each other. One leg had to be brought slightly back for balance. She is least stable in this position.

Soom BJD CutiePie Teddy anthro doll standing
One foot is put back for extra support

The dancing poses

These were a lot of fun to photograph! She is very stable in the below positions. I felt confident that she would not topple over during the photo session.

Soom BJD CutiePie Teddy anthro doll dancing pose
Teddy has great disco moves!

There are many more variations that can be achieved with standing poses. It’s quite impressive!

Soom BJD CutiePie Teddy anthro doll dancing
Moving to the music!


These are most stable of the standing positions. The doll can easily be left kneeling on one or both knees as part of a permanent display.

Soom BJD CutiePie Teddy anthro doll kneeling
Who can resist the cuteness?
Soom BJD CutiePie Teddy anthro doll posed on one knee
All she needs is a flower in her paw!
Soom BJD CutiePie Teddy anthro doll flexibility
Teddy is quite flexible!


Soom bjd CutiePie body is a solid sitter. Each of the positions below was very easy to accomplish with minimal effort.

Soom BJD CutiePie Teddy anthro doll sitting
This pose requires her head to be tipped slightly forward
Soom BJD CutiePie Teddy anthro doll sitting
She can easily touch her face
Soom BJD CutiePie Teddy anthro doll sitting
She’d like to say “hi”!


Teddy loves to lounge! She is able to do so on her back and on her stomach quite easily. Because she has a bit of a belly, her torso has to be slightly turned to the side for maximum stability.

Soom BJD CutiePie Teddy anthro doll poses
She is able to achieve many realistic lounging poses
Soom BJD CutiePie Teddy anthro doll poses
I love her cute little tail!
Soom BJD CutiePie Teddy anthro doll poses
Lounging with paws crossed

Range of Motion

Soom bjd CutiePie anthro body has a good range of motion. Wrists, ankles and head move up and down freely, but have very little side to side articulation. Knees and elbows, on the other hand, are quite versatile and both bend to about a 70 degree angle. This allows the doll to touch her face quite easily.

Overall Impressions

Although this body does have its limitations, I am very impressed with the articulation it is able to achieve with minimal effort. For even better results, I recommend sueding the ankles for extra support and stability during standing poses, as well as the neck for more precise head movements. I don’t think sueding the wrists will offer much benefit, as lack of side-to-side movement is due to joint design, not lack of traction.

Soom BJD CutiePie Teddy anthro doll
Teddy modeling her ballerina outfit

Since Teddy arrived, I’ve added CutiePie Puppy and Kitty to my collection as well. These little anthros are very fun to pose as a group! If you are looking for a small and easy to pose anthro bjd, then I definitely recommend looking into Soom’s CutiePie line!

Do you think Soom CutiePie BJDs are good posers? Share your thoughts about this cute little anthro line in the comments section!

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  1. OMG, she’s adorable! She makes me think of a VERY sophisticated Calico Critter. 🙂 I love all the pics. They’re really helpful!

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